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Becoming A Mediator

There are a lot of ways to become a mediator. Most of us already are already mediators in some capacity without even knowing it. If you are passionate about dispute resolution and want to make mediation into your career or a supplementary service in your field, we have the training you will need. Currently, there is no degree program in Saskatchewan for mediation. All certification comes from membership style organizations like the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada. This means if you want to work in conflict resolution your educational pathway might look different from someone who wants to become, say, an engineer. Common Sense Academy provides practical educational opportunities with options to fit even the most unique situations. We train using an understanding based model for conflict resolution. Our mediation training is open to anyone and is held primarily in Saskatoon. If you would like to sign up for any of our program or if you have questions about what program is best for you, please contact Dominique Panko at or by calling 306-975-7151. 

Upcoming Courses:

Online Mediation Certification Module 4: Mediating Elder & Estate Matters 

May 10th - May 24th $550 + Taxes

Online Mediation Certification Module 5: Introduction to Family Law 

May 24th - June 7th $550 + Taxes

Mediating Property Division Intensive 

May 29th – 30th $900 + Taxes

Online Mediation Certification Module 6: Mediating Family Disputes 

June 7th - June 21st $550 + Taxes

BONUS Online Mediation Module: Mediating Cannabis Related Disputes 

June 21st - July 5th $550 + Taxes

Mediating Financial Support Intensive 

June 25th - 26th $900 + Taxes

Making Money Mediating Workshop 

June 27th $600 + Taxes

Introduction to Online Dispute Resolution 

August 7th $550 + Taxes

Introduction to Family Law Mediation 

September 14th - 18th $2,295 + Taxes

Introduction to Online Dispute Resolution 

October 16th $550 + Taxes

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