CommonSense Internship Roster Program

This program provides affordable services for people in Saskatchewan in conflict.

If you are an employer, you can register your business with our roster to receive conflict resolution services. When you contract with the roster, you receive not only a conflict resolution policy for your business, but also services such as employee communication support, internal mediation services when employees have disputes, mediation services between your business and your suppliers, etc.

The Intern Roster Program is structured in such a way to provide mentorship and support to our newer interns to ensure quality services for your business.

The program is typically 18 months, during which you will receive administrative support and mentoring while you gain hands-on mediation experience. In the later months of your internship experience, you will have the opportunity to become a mentor and take on an executive role. This will hone your leadership skills and get you pointed in the right direction to start your own mediation practice.

In addition to performing mediations, other activities within the program will assist you in developing your mediation skills, provide information on business building, and introduce you to prominent people in the mediation community.

How do I become an intern?

If you have your introductory training, you have come to the right place! Our Intern Roster Program will be accepting applications in 2023.
To prepare your application, you will need:

40+ hours of introductory mediation training
ADRISK Membership
A valid Zoom business account
Errors and Omissions Insurance

Stay tuned for announcements, the notice of when applications are open will be posted on this page and advertised on facebook.

Please email us at to learn more

Change is in the air!

Are you passionate about mediation in SK?
Are you starting out in your mediation business and need somewhere to focus your energies while honing your craft?
Do you want to develop your leadership skills and enhance your reputation in the mediation community?

CSMA is looking for legacy executive members ready and eager to help start up the Intern Roster Program.

The Legacy Executive will assist the Directors to get the IRP off the ground and provide leadership and mentorship to the first interns in the program. As the program takes shape, there is potential for income-earning for Executive members. The commitment is 18+ months, with superstars in line for a potential request to stay on for longer.

Start something great with us! Recruitment starting April 2022.

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