Student Testimonials

“My experience of the Academy, has been very helpful. It has helped me to identify my focus, I was able to quickly ascertain what areas of mediation and conflict resolution, I was interested in, in which I was not.”
Thabo Mtetwa
“No matter where you're at, either professionally or personally, you'll pick up some skills and some approaches that will help you move forward in a way that's a bit less directive and a bit more collaborative, which I think we all need.”
Gregory Schroeder
“CommonSense Academy provides many options for ongoing networking with other mediators through PODS or the book club.”
Marg Romanow
“It's been a beautiful experience for me and I don't ever want it to stop which is great, and I don't think it ever will because there's so many different ways to keep showing up.”
Jill Raddysh
"The training material was thorough. The coaches were excellent. Able to provide real-life examples and insight in what it takes to be a mediator."
Colin Roberts
"It's one of the best training that I've connected with."
Peter Oliver
"It was a mixture of psychology, neurobiology, and legal processes and so it was very interesting and very fun to train."
Patrick Predy
"You'll learn about things like effective communication, conflict resolution, and dealing with difficult people.
All of these are things and skills that will be applicable and beneficial in all facets of your career and life."
Terri Karpish
"It really has helped me not only develop my skills, but it has created a large network of professionals that I typically would not have met."
Ben Grebinski

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